Sunday, May 17, 2009

Missing happiness

I dunno with who I I can talk..
I just feel I'm alone. I only keep my feeling by my self.
Ada kah org yg mengerti diriku?.
Ada kah org yg peduli pd perasaanku selain kluargaku?
Adakah org yg mencintaiku dgn tulus selain papa dan mamaku?
Adakah org yg dpt membahagiakanku selain papa dan mamaku?
Adakah org yg mau merawatku ketika aku sakit selain papa dan mamaku?
Adakah org yg dapat membimbingku lebih baik drpd papa mamaku?
Adakah org yg bisa menerima dan menghargai prinsip2 aku?
adakah org yg slalu mengsupport aku disaat aku senang dan sedih?
Adakah org yg bisa menerima kekuranganku apa adanya?
Adakah org yg slalu ada di sisiku ketika aku terjatuh atau sedih?
Adakah org yg mau mengalah demi diriku?
Why happiness is fade away?



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Friday, May 15, 2009

Shoe that i bought..

Angkle Shoes.heels. oh so im in love with my shoee..bahanya bludru hahaha.. i bought last weekend.

and this week i bought this one..
Both of these shoe ate brandless. hehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fallthru outfit :(

my outfit plan for previous weekend.but someone not approve i wear like that. i dunno nothin wrong from outfit.
huuuuuuuuu sebal bgt dehh... padahal ketat engga, pendek engga, terbuka juga engga..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh

Friday, May 8, 2009

For my dinner

This is my dinner.just pizza,delivery. Since my parent are better to eat vegetable than meat.I order vegetable one.

The picture isn't a good pic I thought.

Its better eat the to see this ugly pic.

I'm sorry I'm not photographer who can made a nice photo.

Bon apetite



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Dr roti-eskrim

Gara2 td my mom nitip roti breadtalk..

Namun paling deket ke citiloft..ya uda skalian beli roti..tdnya pengen beli starbucks, namun apa daya duit kurang hahaha..jd hmm beli apa ya? Sejenak trpikir mau ekrim, tp

Ga ada si sally, ahirnya j kul pun jadi dahh

Lumayan 25rb bisa dpt 2 toping gratis 1 toping..jd dpt 3 toping..kebetulan td topingnya longan, peach and mango.

Yaa rasanya not bad jauh2 yg ini creamnya masih brasa bgt..hehe..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a day

*i just can't sleep* I thought I had serious insomnia.
Suddenly I wanna martabak manis like I bought last nite. Oh crap, I remembered I gain some kg on my, forget about sweet martabak.
Just wanna wrote what kind of the day yesterday?
I woke up 9am, coz mr.T call me,n the employer call me too. And after that I sleep again.not I fell asleep. When I woke up I watched the clock, omg its twelve thirty. Suddenly I woke up.and look up the menu for lunch. And usually its sucks. I told maid to fry frenchfries. while waiting, I was brosing.dang! The lights off!! I thought it just on my house, but all my neighbour did.hope its not take a long time. Then I ate my lunch on my living room with my ipod. *still lights off*
I don't know wht to do.I wanna took a shower but my bathroom is soo dark if there is no lights.coz no window there. Candle not give much light,still dark though.
So I played my nitendo.and bored. And lights still off. When lights off, it cause, phones off, internet off, water laptop's battery is shut down. Took many hours when lightsoff.
its crap!!!! I hate it!!!!! I aint take shower.huuuh
And the lights on in the afternoon.after that, still internet didn't work properly.
My customer complained bout the stuff, or why the package aint arrived. Hhhhh....
On the other hand, I must fullfil some data on internet, which website is sensitive. Troubling to uploads docs. Ah its so fucked up.
I aint finished yet. I don't care, tomorrow I will contact the person to ask.
I'm sleepy.tobe continued


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okay today is 8 again..this number is really special for me. besides my birthday, last month, and also our date. happy 37months.
doesnt neccesary to celebrate,it just month by month. just remembering,and said to each other. if we have time, will go
to have dinner. if not, its okay.
i love u not as sweet candy. when the bitter comes. when i fall to the dee
pest.when my tears goes down.when we had fight. i love u more.
i just want spend more time with u before u go for a while.
iwish i could go with u
but i know u'll be come back.

aku sayang kamu T.
Time to sleep.